Two WIMA Friends

Meet Liz and Fabienne, one from Britain the other from France. They first met each other less than 24 hours ago as part of a group of 4 WIMA (Women’s International Motorcycle Association) members travelling to the International Rally in Melchtal, Switzerland.

250 women from around the globe meeting up to share their interest in motorcycling, to enjoy the company of others regardless of age, nationality, income, type and age of bike. Some sleeping in tents, some in cabins to suit most budgets. After 2 missed years due to covid, it is so good to be back with international friends.

And as Liz said “age is no bar to making new friends when you are in WIMA.”

WIMA is made up of 38 national divisions. Go to to see if there is a division in your country: if there isn’t one ask if you can join another division in an adjacent or nearby country or even start up a new division with your friends.

Zara Strange
WIMA International President