WIMA – DUTIES of International Officers

All posts require:
• Commitment: three-year initial term / one year thereafter
• Must have a computer and access to e-mail and a printer
• Must have been a WIMA member of their National Division for at least 1 year
• Must have a wholehearted commitment to their National Division and the aims and objectives 
of WIMA International
• Must agree to be on the International Committee of National Presidents

2. International President

The International President (IP) will be the main representative of WIMA International. She will ensure that WIMA International continues to thrive as a cohesive organisation in which all National Divisions act in accordance with the aims and objectives of the International Constitution. The IP will promote WIMA, carry out and protect its positive public image and be responsible for WIMA growth internationally.
The IP will:
1. promote WIMA outside the network and develop new National Divisions;
2. communicate with National Divisions whenever the need arises and consider alternative methods such as Skype or other videoconferencing facility in order to be as inclusive as 
3. prepare the agenda for the annual National Presidents’ Meeting(s);
4. present an International Presidents’ Report at the National Presidents’ Meeting;
5. organise voting on running issues and provide voting issues memoranda;
6. have the casting vote in the event of there being a ‘tied result’;
7. organise and chair the annual National Presidents’ Meeting(s) at the International Rally;
8. initiate special projects and actions as directed by the International Committee of National 
Presidents (ICNP);
9. send out one or more progress reports during the year to the National Divisions; and;
10. write articles for WIMA magazines as requested.

3. International Vice President

The duties of the International Vice-President (VP) will be to assist the President and, in the President’s absence, to represent her. The VP will ensure all National Presidents (NPs) of WIMA Divisions are informed about arising international issues and be responsible for circulating Committee information.

The VP will:

1. prepare the NPs’ Meeting Agenda with the IP and distribute it to the National Divisions at least one month before the International Rally;
2. distribute voting issues memoranda and proxy forms to all NPs at least two months before the International Rally;
3. take responsibility for the Minutes at the National Presidents’ Meeting and send them to all NPs after the Rally by 30 September of that year – assuming the Rally takes place in the summer months;
4. update the NPs’ in cooperation with the IP and send it all NPs;
5. be responsible for updating the Union of International Associations’ Yearbook; 
6. write articles for WIMA magazines in cooperation with the IP; and
7. help the IP promote WIMA internationally to find new Divisions.

4. International Treasurer

The International Treasurer will ensure the finances of WIMA International are secure, accounted for and handled in accordance with all governing laws. The International Treasurer will be responsible for all monies belonging to WIMA International and she will be accountable for communicating the state of finances to the International President and International Council of National Presidents (ICNP).

In the event of the International Treasurer being appointed on an ‘acting’ basis, their National President will provide additional support.

She will:

1. collect annually all contributions from National Divisions to WIMA International, acknowledge all affiliation fees paid by National Divisions with a written receipt and collect all other money due to WIMA International;
2. pay Federation of European Motorcyclists Association (FEMA) contributions and all other expenses approved by the ICNP;
3. retain all monies in a WIMA International Bank Account and keep an itemised account of monies received, expenses and accumulated funds;
4. keep in touch with Publicity Officer and Merchandise Officer on expenses and income handling WIMA (publicity) material;
5. co-sign cheques with the National President or Treasurer of her own division;
6. advise the ICNP and the IP on the level of contribution needed and availability of funds for 
administration and special projects;
7. invite two NPs from other Divisions to check the books at the NPs’ Meeting (different NPs each year);
8. present a financial statement at the annual NPs’ Meeting; and
9. keep all accounting books open to inspection by all members at all times.

5. International Website Manager

The International Website Manager will be responsible for maintaining the www.wimaworld.com website. She will liaise with the International President, National Presidents and national website managers regarding the website.

She will:

1. promote a positive image of WIMA via the internet;
2. keep the website updated with current news;
3. provide interesting articles and information on international level;
4. invite National Divisions to provide material in cooperation with the IP and VP;
5. design and construct website upgrades and modifications as needed;
6. organise links to related sites connected with motorcycling women; and
7. safeguard privacy of WIMA and its members by not publicising personal details or 
upcoming Rally details openly on the WIMA-web.

6. International Historian

The International Historian will be responsible for the collection and storage of WIMA archives and memorabilia. She must ensure that they are stored in a way to document WIMA’s history and organisation for the future.

She will:

1. maintain a catalogue of WIMA historic materials;
2. keep materials in an orderly manner which enables easy access to information;
3. preserve materials in appropriate archival systems to assure their longevity;
4. store material on modern devices in cooperation with the IP and NPs;
5. create and keep a historical presentation on CD-rom or USB-stick in cooperation with the IP 
and a Publicity Officer;
6. prepare and maintain a list of the sorts of materials to be archived;
7. report annually to the ICNP the state of the archives including a table of contents; and
8. invite all National Presidents and through them WIMA members to submit material for WIMA archives.

7. International Publicity Officer(s)

The duties of the International Publicity Officer(s) are to assist the International President in promoting the organisation, aims and objectives of WIMA International to other motorcycle organisations, the media and general publications. All forthcoming promotions must be discussed with and approved by the International President.

She will:

1. assist the IP in promoting the organisation, aims and objectives of WIMA International to other motorcycling bodies, the media and general publications;
2. assist the IP in helping new Divisions to start up by providing them with guidance material;
3. prepare all promotional materials;
4. liaise with National and International Website Managers to ensure that copyright issues are 
adhered to [in accordance with terms agreed in 2013]. In particular that permission is sought from other publications to re-publish articles about WIMA; that personal details are only listed in ’Members’ Only’ sections and only general details about rallies are posted;
5. be responsible for the regulation of the content and membership of the WIMA World Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/groups/186991158046942/), and act as contact for advice on the International Facebook page, in accordance with the agreed Guidelines;
6. maintain a distribution list for promotional materials and press releases; and
7. clear drafts of promotional material and programmes with the IP.

8. International Social Media Officer2

The duties of the International Social Media Officer are to select newsworthy items from social media to be put on the WIMA International website and on WIMA International social media, this will include scouring national social media sites for appropriate news items.

9. International Merchandise Officer

The International Merchandise Officer will be responsible for the storage and distribution of all WIMA International merchandise.
The Merchandise Officer will be responsible for ordering stock as directed by the ICNP. She must keep records of all stock received and distributed as well as all monies accepted. She will provide written receipts and forward monies directly to the International Treasurer or into the appropriate bank account. At the National Presidents’ Meeting she will present a statement of stock sold and stock on hand.

She will:

1. provide and update a list of International WIMA merchandise (and prices) available in each National Division;
2. suggest new items suitable for WIMA merchandise and provide a list of prices;
3. be responsible for ordering stock as directed by the ICNP;
4. manage orders of WIMA International merchandise and ship to National Divisions;
5. provide WIMA merchandise for sale at the International Rally in cooperation with the 
organising National Division hosting the Rally;
6. keep records of all stock received and distributed as well as all monies accepted
7. provide written receipts to purchasers and forward monies directly to the appropriate Bank account in cooperation with the International Treasurer; and
8. present an annual statement of stock sold and stock on hand at the annual National Presidents’ Meeting.

10. National Presidents

A National Divisional President will be the main representative for her Division. She will ensure that the Division acts in accordance with the aim and objectives of the International Constitution. She will promote WIMA, carry out and protect its positive public image and be responsible for growth of the Division nationally.

National Presidents will:

1. act as National Committee Chair: produce and distribute National Committee meeting agenda and Chair National Committee and Annual General meetings;
2. deliver an annual report at the AGM, addressing issues of interest or concern to members, share news about achievements and inform members of news from other international Divisions and the International Committee of National Presidents;
3. act as the first contact point for any enquiries from the outside world, such as the media and general public. Give interviews for magazines, radio and TV or identify other members willing to do so;
4. submit material for the WIMA World website directly to the International Publicity Officer (PR);
5. liaise with other NPs where an overseas member seeks membership of her Division;
6. with the National Committee, develop new ideas for publicity material, e.g., leaflets and 
posters for distribution at shows, events and through retail and other club contacts;
7. liaise with other national motorcycling groups, businesses and institutions;
8. maintain a visible presence at International Rallies and make the most of networking 
opportunities with members from other countries;
9. if hosting an International Rally: collate data on attendees from each Division and
10. update the International Rally Document (as agreed in 2013).

11. Other posts
The International Committee of National Presidents may appoint volunteers, Special Projects Officers, on an ad-hoc basis.
• Commitment: appointed by the ICNP from willing volunteers from any National Division, for a minimum of one year, renewable for one year thereafter according to requirements.
• Must have a computer, access to e-mail and a printer.
• Must have had a minimum membership at National level of at least 1 year.

1 All instances of the word “shall” are replaced with “must” or “will” – August 2019 NP Annual Meeting
2 Added “International Social Media Officer” – August 2019 NP Annual Meeting
3 Deleted “6 – organise and update the WIMA Hospitality List and send it out to all NPs;” – August 2019