Trui Hanoulle wrote two articles about the WRWR event 2019.
Part 1 can be downloaded here (PDF 3.84 MB) or by clicking on the image below.

Part 2 can be downloaded here (PDF 5.78 MB) or by clicking on the image below.

Here is an article from Trui Hanoulle (PDF 452 kB in Dutch) about the Bangladeshi women riders: WIMA’s, individuals, and the taxi riders of OBON, all about whom she talked in London. It was published in print on 04-March-2020 in the Belgian magazine *MO, monthly addition to the widely read Knack. The magazine is addressing a general public.

Trui Hanoulle and Dimple Chaudhary wrote an Article with the title #NoMeansNo in Bangladesh (Motorbiking women in a patriarchal society – A research project by Trui Hanoulle and Dimple Chaudhary) available on the WIMA World web page.