Brief history

WIMA, Women’s International Motorcycle Association, was founded by Louise Scherbyn, an American who started riding motorcycles in the 1930s. At the time, this was not only unusual for women, but frowned upon. Scherbyn rode her Indian through the US and Canada and made many contacts with other women interested in motorcycling and, in the 1950s, she founded WIMA with a few others.

In 1958, women from Holland, England, Germany and Switzerland founded WIMA Europe. They put ads into motorcycling magazines to spread the word and get in touch with female motorcyclists. Gradually, individual country divisions were formed in Europe and the association spread further afield to Asia and Oceania.

The Ellen Pfeiffer award

Ellen was one of the founders of WIMA Europe in the year 1958. She was very active in motorcycle racing. After 25 years of leading the German WIMA division, Ellen retired as president. The Ellen Pfeiffer Award was established to honor WIMA members for their outstanding contributions to WIMA, women and motorcycling.
Each year, to promote women in motorcycling, WIMA’s national divisions are invited to nominate someone for this award.

Read more about the award here (PDF file 348 kB).

WIMA today

WIMA is for all women interested in motorcycling of any age or ability. We’re not campaigners and we’re not anti-men. Many of our men come along on rides and to events.
Today, national WIMA divisions are established in 39 countries all over the world. WIMA has an international government but all national divisions are run independently, with their own governments and organising local and national events. National divisions take turns hosting international rallies, where all WIMA members and their families are invited. Prospective members can also attend. Members of WIMA enjoy a truly international network of support and friendship.
We welcome new members and new divisions!

Why is WIMA for you?
• You’ve been riding motorcycles for years.
• You’re learning to ride.
• You like racing/touring/off road riding.
• You ride as a passenger.
• You feel you’re the only woman out there on a motorcycle.

What do you get?
• A membership of a worldwide organisation.
• Annual international rallies.
• National & local events.
• A network of friends around the world.

Join your national division!

New members are invited through national divisions. If you’re interested in becoming a member please contact the WIMA president in your country. Contact details are noted in each country’s entry on the national divisions page. Most national divisions have a website and/or a Facebook page/group where you can find out about how to join and what’s in your area. Some also have Instagram accounts.
If there isn’t a national division in your country, why not establish one?
A WIMA division can be initiated by an already existing female club or by enthusiastic individuals. Contact the international president for more information and have a look at the WIMA constitution here (PDF file 290 kB).

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