Welcome Colline de Rancourt, WIMA France’s new National President

Colline tells us that –

It was in 2009, at the age of 21, that I achieved my motorcycle license.

Thanks to my work as an archaeologist and with a wealth of knowledge, I travelled the roads of France and Europe with my 600 Fazer.

Then in 2019 the idea of a long-term trip came to me and thanks to Joanna, I met WIMA and discovered an incredible sorority there with impressive journeys by women who break the rules!

In 2022, I set off with my Royal Enfield Himalayan on the roads of Europe and the Middle East. I was certainly alone on my motorbike but accompanying me were the numerous messages from WIMA members from all countries. I was also very warmly welcomed in Italy and it was a real pleasure to find and meet all these women who supported me so much during this journey and during the international rally in the Alps in 2023.

It is therefore with great honour that I, in turn, wish to carry high the colours of WIMA France and its values of: “Sororité, Solidarité, Liberté.”