WIMA Finland chose an excellent location for the 2018 international rally in Parainen. The lofty trees on the campsite provided shade during the very hot week in July, when women from all over the world gathered for an action packed WIMA rally. The lake provided a very welcome opportunity to cool off and the party tent was open every night providing beverages, music and other entertainment. This being Finland, of course there was a sauna on site!

The heat stayed with us until the last day – only when we were packing up and saying our goodbyes did it start to rain.

Thank you Trui Hanoulle for capturing the campsite atmosphere for us!

Update: Trui did write an Article in Dutch about the WIMA 2018 rally. a copy can be found
here (PDF 5.4 MB). Article © Trui Hanoulle, text and photographs, except for © image on p.91 Hedi Goerg and © image on p.94, top, Riitta Rajalin. Courtesy of magazine Motoren & Toerisme (Dutch only).