WIMA Curaçao

WIMA Curaçao was founded in 2011 by former WIMA International President, Rita Koopmanschap when she moved there from The Netherlands in order to be a teacher on Curaçao. Today, this national division is ably led by National President Majesse van Boheemen.

Majesse and Rita

Curaçao is set in the Southern Caribbean, so life and especially motorcycling, can be quite laid-back in casual wear, in T-shirt and jeans and mostly on choppers.

Our WIMA Curaçao members meet regularly for ride outs to local venues, a restaurant by the beach or joining other groups in fun activities and get-togethers. Every year we hold our general meeting, to check out everyone’s wishes and ideas.

Joining an international rally is a dream for most of us, but since we are far away it is rather costly. Besides, our main aim is of riding and hanging out together, we have been trying to increase international attendance, but these days it is extra complicated.

In 2019 we organised our own International Rally, based in the district of Pietermaai, part of the capital Willemstad. It was attended by 96 persons: 86 WIMA members from other national divisions, and 10 others amongst whom 7 ladies from the Caribbean island Aruba. It was a true “Dushi“ WIMA party (the Papiamentu word ‘dushi’ meaning sweet/nice/good). International members came by air, a few from Aruba bringing their own motorcycles, whilst many others hired nearly every local 2-wheeled vehicle on the island.

Majesse and Rita

If you want to join WIMA Curaçao or when you are visiting our tropical island and want to meet up with members for some fun and/or a ride-out, contact us on Facebook or via Instagram. Above all, enjoy our videos on You-tube, showing what riding in the Caribbean is really like.

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