A Short Message from new IP Zara Strange

Wow, now that the official announcement of the voting results has been released on behalf of the WIMA International Council of National Presidents and they have elected me to be International President for the next 3 years, I can thank you all for placing your confidence and trust in me.
Thank you also to all the many members from WIMA GB and other national divisions who have sent me your support and best wishes during the election period.
Now the hard work begins – and I hope, lots of fun and good times for all of us.
WIMA now has 36 national divisions and about 3,000 members and what came through very strongly in the interview questions were two key themes for me to start work on –
· Why should ordinary members join WIMA – what is in it for you?
· How will I connect members from Asia (and Africa & the Americas) with the rest of the WIMA Community?
I am also so pleased that joining the team of dedicated International Officers is International Vice President Mihaela Hodivoianu and Public Relations Officers Liv Seuring and Léa Schaetzlé. I have worked closely with Mihaela over the past few years on constitutional matters, I have great respect for her work for WIMA International and WIMA Romania. Liv and Léa from WIMA Germany and WIMA France respectively have been friends of mine for several years and come with lots of new ideas. They join an established team of WIMA International Officers who are all dedicated to supporting the whole Association and each other and which I have been proud to have been a part of for the past 3 years as International Vice President.
Once I get my breath back, it will be down to work for the next three years
Thank you all so much.