WIMA Romania Rally

Our Eastern European Romania has many attractions. Most of the people riding motorcycle come here to ride awesome offroad tracks or the famous Transfagarasan and Transalpina passes.
We though have other hidden gems and one of them is a South East area called “Dobrogea”. Despite a large view over the Black Sea and unique Danube Delta, Dobrogea is a county of a rare beauty, with curvy roads between midget ancient mountains, lakes, sunflower and wheat fields.
Raise your horns girls, because this year of 2019 we, the girls of WIMA Romania chose Dobrogea for the second annual gathering.

And what a choice!

Just a 2 days weekend but we did ’em all:

  • Howling in our helmets while riding on yellow autumn wavy twisty roads that take your breath away.
  • Marching on dirt tracks over the hills that also take your breath away but in the sandy dusty ways.
  • Trying to get some fitness actions out of the paddles while climbing the road to the ancient fortress Enisala.
  • Posing everywhere in our best hairstyle position (or not).
  • Catching the sunset while motors still purring and evening bugs land on the visors.
  • Eating local fish delights blended with fresh vegetables and fruits from a lovely local guesthouse.
  • Drinking everything and eating all the delicious homemade cakes. Unfortunately we can’t provide further details on these subjects as they never really happened. Ups…

Nevertheless, we did The Laughing and The Talking. The rides, experiences, motorcycles and equipments, weddings and accidents, men and children, problems and joys, dos and don’ts, greetings for the new members and memories with older ones.

We did them all together and plan for more. Because we are the WIMA Romania family and WE RIDE.

More images in the Gallery WIMA Romania 2019 Meeting.

Article written by Luiza Gojol.