WIMA Romania National Rally

Hello sisters of the world! WIMA Romania is proud to present what we can count as our first national rally, held for 2 days mid- September, in Sibiu, near the world-famous Transfagarasan and Transalpina.

We had girls coming from all over the country, north and south, from the capital, Bucharest, or locals from Sibiu. From beginners to the more experienced we loved riding together. We split into two groups: those who ride offroad went about their fun in the woods, those of us who love asphalt did a day tour in the beautiful surroundings, visiting old fortresses, villages and trying out our skills a little bit on the Transalpina.
That’s what we can tell you about, for the evening fun… let’s just say you’d have to be there to fully appreciate it!

Wima Romania counts as of now of 47 members but we will continue to grow as our organization becomes more visible. We plan to make more rides next year and to bring together more Romanian female riders in various activities.