WIMA Norway’s kilometre competition 2019

Incredible to see that the women in WIMA Norway don’t let the bikes gather dust ❤️
Mai-Britt Johansen won this year’s challenge with 25000 km.

Anette Winne Highlands with 23 000 km came in a nice second place.
Emilija Kostovska with 22000 km came in third place. Beate Iren Olsen with 21000 km came in a great fourth place.

We have several people who have been riding around 15000km this year. Fia Filipsen, Linda Blondi Gjermundsen, Elise Marit Lauvdtad, Inger Line Pedersen. Well done!

There are even more people who have ridden around 10000 km and it’s awesome. So much fun to see you are all active motorcycle riders. ❤️ see you next year on the road 😍