Welcome WIMA Nepal!

We are proud to announce the establishment of WIMA Nepal and welcome the women riders of Nepal to our international sisterhood.

Let us introduce the leaders of WIMA Nepal:

Born in January 1997, Ms. Sunita Deshar is a well established motorcyclist. She pursued her motorcycling career in 2015 by engaging herself in various events like racing, riding and touring since then. She is also a safety instructor and has given various training on bike riding skills, safety management, emergency response to women riders.

Winner of JK Tyre Biking Slalom Bangalore and 2nd Runner up of Women National Bike Riding Competition “Racenari 2017”, Ms. Deshar is also an active member of Women in Motorcycling and Nepal Motorcycling Federation. WIMA Nepal is very proud to have such adventure loving person as a Coordinator.

Born in May 1994, Ms. Usmita Thapa is an active motorcyclist and a medical personnel by profession. She has been an active participant in various events organized by Women in Sports and Adventure. Ms. Thapa is a first aid and trauma handling trainer who has contributed a lot in the health and safety management field. She has been nominated for Secretary of WIMA Nepal.

Ms. Sony Tandukar is an active motorcyclist and enthusiast member of Women in Motorcycling Team. She has been contributing to Women in Motorcycling related events since 2015. She will be working as a Treasurer in WIMA Nepal team.

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