New leadership for WIMA Curaçao

WIMA Curaçao has elected a new president, and we are happy to welcome Majesse van Boheemen to our Council of International Presidents! We look forward to working with you!

Read Majesse’s own introduction here:

Hi WIMA International. I’d like to introduce myself as the new president of WIMA Curaçao. My name is Majesse van Boheemen and I was born on Curaçao on 1st March 1964. I ride a 650 Yamaha V-Star, which is my 1st motorcycle and I really love motorcycling. Since March 2020  I have been president of WIMA Curaçao and I feel very honoured to have been chosen to fulfill this task. I feel proud of this, because being a member of WIMA, we build up an international network of motorcycling women to share our girlpower. It also helps break down the image of women not being able to or not being supposed to ride motorcycles. Riding is great and totally fit for us! During our Dushi WIMA Rally of April 2019, here on Curaçao, I have experienced how many beautiful women are members of WIMA. I hadn’t even realised that so many women in such a lot of countries were affilliated, riding and meeting each other all over the world! Women of different ages, backgrounds and with different levels of experience riding all sorts of motorcycles, that is what appeals to me most about WIMA. I hope to get a chance to participate in an International Rally elsewhere.

WIMA World wish to thank Carin Mecera for your years of service  – how lovely to see you with your team at your christmas dinner!

In the words of WIMA Curaçao:

WIMA Christmasdinner with the Wima’s. Enjoying the company, food, drinks and presents. Looking back at a great rally this year and looking forward to a new year with a lot of rides and activities together. We also thanked and said goodbye to our president Carin Mecera. Dear Carin thanks for all the hard work and love for Wima Curacao!