Congratulations to WIMA Norway

WIMA Norway National President, Eli Johanne Stene, recently made an application to the Norwegian Ministry of Transport, which resulted in a grant of almost 17.000 euro to provide free Road Safety track courses at the start of the bikers riding season.

The photograph shows a WIMA track day at Rudskogen. Eli reported that -“There was an absolutely fabulous atmosphere with 80 women participating. Events like this have encouraged both women (and men) to do track days in order to better their driving skills. No matter what bike, age, or previous experience:

All women are welcome to our track days.”

WIMA Norway was formed in 2019 by Eli and Vice President Anette Sundsbak; they already have over 950 members and is now the biggest national WIMA division.


Interested in joining WIMA Norway? check out their facebook page


Photographs taken at WIMA Norway’s track days at Rudskogen.