Article 1: Definition

This Association will be known as Women’s International Motorcycle Association or WIMA International. It is a federation of the National Divisions of Women’s International Motorcycle Association approved by the International Council of National Presidents (ICNP).
WIMA International links together members and associations from many countries around the world in the common interest of women in motorcycling.

Article 2: Objective

The objective of WIMA International is to improve and promote activities, advancement, goodwill and friendship amongst women motorcycle enthusiasts from around the world. WIMA aims at using the common interest of motorcycling to promote the well-being of women in general.
The Association is conducted independently of any personal interest.

Article 3: Membership of WIMA International

There will be two categories of membership
1. Honorary Lifetime Membership, to be known as Honorary Membership
2. Standard Membership, to be known as Membership

  1. Honorary Lifetime Membership may only be awarded as part of an award of Special Recognition.
  2. Standard Membership of WIMA International will be open to all National Divisions subscribing to the rules and objectives of the Association and paying the annual subscription, the amount to be decided each year by the International Council of National Presidents.

The International Council of National Presidents retains the right to approve or refuse any application for membership of a Division to WIMA International.

National Divisions of WIMA should register in their own country, legally and/or with the major motorcycle association in that country, and inform the International President. There can be only one (1) WIMA National Division for each country.

Standard Membership of WIMA International is not available to individual women. Membership is only available through a National Division. A person can only be member of one (1) division. National Divisions accepting membership (living abroad, not showing any connection to the Division / Country) to foreigners should exercise reasonable care: Each National Division needs to consult the National President of the home country of the enquiring person to investigate for the reason.

Membership of National Divisions will be open to all women interested in motorcycling, who support the objectives of the Association, pay the prescribed membership fee and whose application is approved by the relevant National Division.. Non-riders are eligible for membership.

Article 4: National Divisions

Motorcycling women wishing to form a new National Division and become part of WIMA International must submit their request for membership to the International Council of National Presidents through the International President.

Subject to the approval of the International Council of National Presidents, a National Division of WIMA should use the name Women’s International Motorcycle Association – (name of country) Division.

Alternatively, the initials WIMA should be officially added to the name of an existing club that has been accepted by the International Council of National Presidents as the official WIMA Division in a particular country.

Every WIMA Division is obliged to attend the National Presidents’ Meeting in person, by remote access (electronic means), or by proxy, and to maintain communication with WIMA International. A WIMA Division unable to attend or nominate a proxy, may vote via post, including email. If, after a period of two years, the Division has neither attended the national Presidents’ Meeting, nor shown sign of WIMA activity nor otherwise communicated with WIMA International, the Division will not be eligible to vote and the Council of National Presidents must decide upon expulsion of the WIMA Division.

National Divisions retain the right to maintain their own rules and constitution so long as these are in accordance with the aims, objectives and rules of the International Constitution.

Article 5: International Rallies and Events

One International Rally (IR) per year will be organized and designated as the location for the ICNP meeting. The venue and date of the annual International Rally are to be agreed upon by the International Council of National Presidents at least two years in advance.

Other international rallies may be organised with the approval of the International Council of National Presidents. A National Group planning an International Rally event, , should take into consideration the official guideline: the latest release of “The WIMA Int. Rally Document, a guideline for WIMA Rallies”.

The use of the guideline is NOT a mandatory directive. The guideline is stated as a separate document.

Regional events open to members from different countries may also be organized with the approval of the National Presidents of the countries involved. National Presidents should try and notify the International President about these events in a timely manner, so as to avoid clashing dates on the international calendar.

Advertising for any WIMA Rallies or Events can only be done with authorization of the National Presidents in order to prevent information leakage about the venue for non- WIMA members.

Participating and bullying policy

WIMA International events are open to WIMA members only. Husbands, partners and children of WIMA members as well as invited prospective members are welcome to accompany WIMA members as guests. Prospective WIMA members are also welcome to attend. To attend the rally or any WIMA event, a non-member can always be guest of the Organising-Team or a WIMA Division.

WIMA members are responsible for the acts of their guests. Any kind of bullying, harassment, physical or mental violence, whether the person is a member of WIMA or a visitor to the event, is not tolerated at any WIMA events or related events. The WIMA officials will investigate all violations and the person causing the violation may be removed from the event.

Article 6: The International Council of National Presidents

The International Council of National Presidents (ICNP) is the governing body of the federation and will make decisions on behalf of WIMA International.
This International Council of National Presidents is made up of the National Presidents of the National Divisions or their representatives.

Article 7: General Government

National Presidents’ Meeting
The International Council of National Presidents will hold a National Presidents’ Meeting of WIMA International at the designated International Rally held each year.

An additional National Presidents’ Special Meeting may be held at any approved International Rally as needed.

Only National Presidents or their representatives are eligible to vote at the National Presidents’ Meetings.

All National Presidents will provide votes for their Division on each voting issue on the Agenda.

A National Division unable to send a representative to a National Presidents’ Meeting will be entitled to a postal (including email) or proxy vote on all voting issues on the Agenda. A National Division may act as proxy for only one absent National Division at any National Presidents’ Meeting.

Decisions affecting WIMA at the international level can only be taken when a minimum of 60% of the total number of WIMA Divisions has approved. When the votes are equal the International President has the casting vote.

Article 8: Officers of WIMA International

The International Council of National Presidents will elect the following officers of WIMA International: International President, International Vice-President, and International Treasurer.

In addition, the ICNP may at its discretion appoint members or supporters from any National Division to assist with the running of WIMA International. Possible duties are: Website Manager, Historian, Publicity Officer(s) and Merchandise Officer.

The officers must be nominated and elected by the members of the International Council of National Presidents at the National Presidents’ Meeting.
Duties of all officers are stated in a separate document.

Terms of Office

Terms of all Officers of WIMA International will be for a period of three years. Officers whose terms are expiring will be eligible at the National Presidents’ Meeting for prolongation of another year on an annual basis, subject to nomination and election.

The Returning Officer has to notify the National Presidents at least three months before the IR that an election has to be held and they are invited to make nominations.

If an officer is unable to complete her term of office, she must submit her written resignation to the IP or the VP. In the case of a vacancy the IP or the VP will call for nominations from National Presidents and a ballot will be organied. The election of the successor must be by 60% of votes or by a majority for one candidate in case of more nominees.

Article 9: Finances

The financial year will be from the 1st day of July to the 30th day of June.

Each country belonging to WIMA International will pay an annual subscription as set by the ICNP.

The annual subscription plus any other fees that the National Divisions have agreed to pay will become due on the first day of each official International Rally. International membership fee is calculated based on membership numbers of a division stated on 30thof June of the current year that the fee is due. The payment is due with 1stof December of the year the fee is due.

On receipt of all fees member Divisions become entitled to all rights and privileges of the International Association. If fees remain unpaid Divisions may be removed from the Membership Register. Paying the amount due can enable reinstatement.

All monies arising from fund-raising activities must be immediately placed in the appropriate WIMA Bank account, which is to be used solely for WIMA International business. The change of WIMA International Account has to be registered. No individual member of the Association will gain any financial benefit from the WIMA International Bank Account except as reasonable compensation for services rendered to or for the benefit of WIMA International in carrying out its purposes. The International Council of National Presidents will have the power to open special trust accounts for specific projects from time to time and such accounts may be operated only for the set purpose for which they were opened.

Two National Presidents from different countries will audit the WIMA International Bank Account each year at the IR. Access for WIMA International to WIMA International Account through the party responsible has to be assured at any time. National President of the acting WIMA International Treasurer should be the back-up.

Member countries have to pay for the International Merchandise they have ordered.

Article 10: Publicity

International Publicity is the task of the International President, with assistance from any International Publicity Officer(s) as appointed by the ICNP, or other appropriately qualified members or supporters as needed.

National Presidents of National Divisions are responsible for WIMA publicity in their own countries. Individual members have no right to communicate in the name of WIMA International or in the name of a National Division, unless the ICNP or the WIMA National President of the country involved has given approval.

Article 11: Changes to the Constitution

Changes may be made to the Constitution with a minimum of 4 month’ notice and when a minimum of 60% of the total number of WIMA Divisions has approved. Proposals for amendments are to be submitted to the International President at least 4 months prior to the National Presidents’ Meeting. Proposals will then be sent by the International President to all the National Presidents at least 3 months prior to the National Presidents’ Meeting. Voting will take place at the first meeting after the notification..

Article 12: Winding Up

The Association may be dissolved at any time upon resolution at a meeting of the International Council of National Presidents in the same manner as a resolution to amend the Constitution and subject to formalities required for an amendment to the Constitution. Upon such resolution being carried any property of the Association remaining after payment of all debt and legal liabilities must be donated to a body having like objectives or to such charity(ies) as the ICNP may decide.

Article 13: Indemnity

The members of the ICNP and their respective executors and administrators will be at all times indemnified out of the funds of the Association from and against all damages, costs, charges and expenses paid or incurred by them, unless the same will be the result of their gross negligence or willful act or default. All servants, employees and agents of the Association will also have a like indemnity. None of the WIMA officials can be sued because of her implication in WIMA business.

Article 14: Special Recognition

WIMA International may grant Special Recognition to a person who:

  • is not a member of any National Division,
  • has given the Association service,
  • has received no reward for so doing.

Any nomination for Special Recognition will be by a National Division in writing to the International President at least three months prior to a meeting of the International Council of National Presidents. All National Presidents will be notified of the nomination, which will be decided at the National Presidents’ Meeting and must be accepted by a minimum of 60% of the total number of WIMA Divisions. Duration of Special Recognition will be specified at nomination.

The award of Special Recognition will include Honorary Life Membership.

Version of 01-August-2020

A PDF version of the WIMA International constitution can be downloaded here (File size 454.47 KB).